Canon to Alexa LUT Package

The CinemaPro Canon to Alexa Colorspace transform LUTs, precisely transforms your Canon DSLRs material to emulate ARRI Alexa color space providing you a beautiful starting point for color grading.

The LUTs are built with high quality control and have been thoroughly stress tested, so the conversion is free of artifacts, banding or color artifacts.

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The color is transformed from Canon DSLRs Faithful profile to a variety of ARRI Alexa color space, resulting in a natural color reproduction, where each color is true to life, ensuring a great looking scene.

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Highlights. Like Film

Get an organic feel, just like film. Highlight rolloff has been added to avoid RGB channel clipping, maintaining detail bellow full white.

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The core of all colorspace transforms. Providing the most room for color grading.

Compatible with

This LUTs works with every editing software, as well with photoshop and lightroom. Additional LUT formats may be available upon request.

Works smooth in Davinci Resolve LUT, Adobe Premiere LUT, Adobe Photoshop LUT and also in Adobe Lightroom LUT

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As well as the “CineAlexa” LUT which emulates ARRI’s Rec709 LUT, there are other great LUTs included.

CineAlexa The classic ARRI Alexa Rec709 look.

CineLogC The core of all the other colorspace transforms. It must be followed by a LogC-intended LUT.

CineQuick The ARRI Alexa Look with a quick grade.

CineFilm Designed to Emulate the color of film from an ARRI Scanner.

Cinelook Filmic look and beautiful skintones.


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